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This quick and ultra-easy recipe for pickled beets uses a basic brine and is ready to enjoy after 30 minutes. Diced pickled beets are great to put in salads, served alongside your sandwich or on a burger with goat cheese and arugula.

Red beets are known for being healthy, they provide a variety of nutrients, including B vitamins and manganese. With the best intentions, I frequently roast one or two bunches at the beginning of the week. However a few days later, they are still in the fridge, sitting in a puddle of red water and waiting for their chance. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but… What sound better to you a grilled cheese sandwich or sad beets? Easy choice! They needed a tune-up. I have a weakness for pickled food, it’s the best way to preserve and add flavor. So in the jar they went and came out as pickled beets.

During the past few years, pickles have made a comeback for good reasons. They come with a pungent taste and preserving and pickling at home is very easy. Store-bought pickled beets contain an unnecessary amount of sugar, one serving size of 30 g comes with 5 g sugar, and to be honest, I eat more than that in one sitting. I am fine with just two teaspoons of granulated sugar and you can always add later on. I also like my pickled beets very tangy, if you prefer them milder use 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water ratio and you will be fine.

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