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Prepare your tastebuds for a savory treat that’s neither bird nor fowl. Introducing: City Chicken. Don’t let the name mislead you; this dish might sound poultry-themed, but in reality, it’s an ode to pork. Hailing from Polish-American roots, City Chicken takes you on a gastronomical journey, from the buzzing streets of Pittsburgh and Cleveland to your dining table.
City Chicken: A Deceptive Delight
City chicken might masquerade as its feathered counterpart, but its essence is pure pork. A cherished recipe from the Depression Era, this dish gives the illusion of a fried chicken leg, but with a bite that’s unmistakably pork.
So, what is City Chicken? While the name might have you thinking poultry, this dish is actually pork’s answer to the fried chicken leg. Cubes of juicy pork are speared onto skewers, seasoned to perfection, cloaked in an egg and breadcrumb armor, flash-fried to a crispy golden hue, and then baked until tender. The result is a mouth-watering mock chicken leg that you’ll find hard to resist.
City Chicken Recipe

Ingredients:2 pounds boneless pork, cubed (1 1/2-inch pieces)

Salt, pepper, and seasoned salt to your liking

4 eggs

3 tablespoons milk

2 cups Italian seasoned bread crumbs

2 cups water

2 cups vegetable oil (for frying)

You’ll also need:

14 (4-inch) skewers

A 9×13-inch baking dish

A wire rack

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